About This site

About this site.

This site is a fan based tribute to Bandhub.com and its community. All videos listed here are ONLY Bandhub related (ourjams from bandhub members are okay). You may upload videos from your computer or import from posted Bandhub videos on youtube. The difference between the two are that imported videos are not really here on this site but are embedded or links (no storage problems). We may include a “Grabbing” option later that will copy the video instead.

This video sharing site is the first step in bringing our community back together. The Bandhub community has been splintered and lost. Many Bandhub members refused to sign on to social media and have nowhere to go. All Bandhub members welcome here.

 I have heard others have wanted to post their Bandhub videos on youtube only to get them rejected. No Banhub rejections here.  

Bandhub was a way of life for many of us. Creating and playing music. It seems that other sites just do not give us the same feeling or excitement.

This site is a group effort and all suggestions and contributions are welcome.



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