Green Jelly - Three Little Pigs (Bandhub collab)

Published on 11 Dec 2021 / In Rock

This was a hit in Australia back in the early 1990s, and at the time i found it funny that a heavy metal band would put their own spin on a children's story. But be warned, this one is definitely not for kids! I especially liked the claymation music video, which was played an awful lot in my country as well. The band was originally called Green Jello, but had to change their name after a potential lawsuit from the makers of Jell-O in America. Funnily enough, Aussies refer to Jell-O as "jelly", and America's version of "jelly" is what Aussies call "jam". Hmm, that makes me wonder what a peanut butter and (Aussie) jelly sandwich tastes like!

It's got:
Protis - Keys & Backing Vocal
doncortier - Rambo
adamhunter - Bass
RolandTD3 - Drums
yourmom0814 - Lead Vocal (narrator & wolf)
1983electric - Electric Guitars
RineWolve - Backing Vocal

This is such a fun one to look back on, and to finally upload for the world to see (outside of Bandhub). It's another classic from 2016, and everyone did such a brilliant job here!

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