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Protis - Boots 'N' All [BandHub collab](TV Show Theme Song)

Published on 30 Dec 2019 / In Other

This is the opening theme to an Australian rugby league show from the mid-2000s called "Boots 'N' All" (not to be confused with the UK show of the same name). I thought it would be fun to do for a bit of a laugh, and we need more TV theme songs on BandHub anyway. I started the collab, and the following users joined me here:

Protis - Vocals
RolandTD3 - Drums
Lu-K - Guitar
camillesobud - Backing Vocal
rsavarese - Bass

Again I mixed the audio in FL Studio, and I added some ADT (artificial double tracking) to two of the vocals here. I reckon it makes for a rather nice stereo mix. This is an international collaboration by Protis & BandHub musicians.


You're sittin' on your couch, waiting for the football
It's Sunday after midday, means it's time for Boots 'N' All
Boots 'N' All (Boots 'N' All)
Boots 'N' All (Boots 'N' All)
It's Sunday after midday, and you're waiting for the football
You know what damn time it is, and it's time for Boots 'N' All
Boot 'N' All (Boots 'N' All)
Boots 'N' All (Boots 'N' All)
It's Sunday after midday (waaaaaaay, aaaaaaaaaay, aaaaaaaaay)
Baby it's time for Boots 'N' All

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