Protis - Goodbye Gemini [BandHub collab](Blood Ceremony cover)

Published on 30 Dec 2019 / In Rock

Blood Ceremony is one of Suzi Uzi's favourite bands, that has an unusual name in my opinion. Others that fit that description for me include Murder By Death, Graveyard, Withcraft, Weed, etc. When jamming on BandHub, one does get a feel for the musical tastes of others. I certainly had never heard of any of the bands mentioned above before using this site, and I must say that I'm pleasantly surprised. SuziUzi started this collab in BandHub, and performed vocals in a decidedly different style that what she had done previously. I also marvel at how much the various performers have improved over time while using this site. The following musicians joined Suzi for this one:

SuziUzi - Vocals
13pv - Rhythm Guitar
Tim27 - Guitar Solo
SevanKirder - Flute
brunopcl - Bass
taye6 - Drums
Protis - Keys

The audio was mixed by myself using FL Studio, and again I reckon it turned out rather nice indeed! I find that I've been uploading less and less videos than I used to, but to be honest I just put up a new one when I feel like it. Sometimes it's more fun to jam on BandHub, and other times I get a kick out of making mixes like this. Original song by Blood Ceremony. Cover by Protis & BandHub musicians.

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