Protis - I Wanna Be Your Man [BandHub collab](The Beatles cover)

Published on 30 Dec 2019 / In Rock

This is a rather rollicking number that was part of the Fab Four's early career, appearing on their second album "With The Beatles". I started this collab in BandHub, and recorded the first vocal track almost a year ago. Sometimes collabs can take this long to finish, depending on how busy the other performers are with their various lives and such. It doesn't bother me in the slightest though, as there is always something exciting to move on to if a collab appears "dormant". The following users helped me out with this one:

Protis - Keys & Vocals
foilerist - Rhythm Guitar
dougw4 - Drums
boxjarv - Bass
gtrmn - Lead Guitar
PaTcHiZzEl7397 - Vocals
Biker_Chris - Rhythm Guitar

I mixed the instruments using the BandHub effects panel, and the vocals were added in separately within FL Studio. I find that this makes mixing my own collabs a lot easier, and that can only be a good thing in the long run. I can still achieve a really good sound, while getting "the best of both worlds". Original song by The Beatles. Cover by Protis & BandHub musicians.

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