Protis - Never Miss Your Water [BandHub collab](Diesel cover)

Published on 30 Dec 2019 / In Rock

This is another popular Australian song from the early 1990s. The collab has been in the making for the last eight months, and I am glad for it to be finally completed. I only just found out that Mark Lizotte (Diesel's real name) was actually born in America! Well there ya go! Turns out it is true when they say that you learn something new every day! I started this collab in BandHub, and the following musicians joined me:

Protis - Keys & Backing Vocals
taye6 - Drums
boxjarv - Bass
guitarman710 - Guitars
BeerGrowler - Lead Vocal
Ironbear - Cello
MrBrendanio - Backing Vocals
satchmo67 - Trumpet
maxso59 - Saxophone

The majority of the audio was mixed by myself using the BandHub effects panel, with enhancements made using FL Studio and VoiceLive 2. I figured since I am a pro member of BandHub now, that I should make good use of the features set aside for those who pay a small monthly fee. With regards to mixing, I feel like I'm getting the best of both worlds in a way. Original song by Diesel. Cover by Protis & BandHub musicians.

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