Protis - The DK Rap [BandHub collab](Donkey Kong 64 cover)

Published on 30 Dec 2019 / In Bandhub

This song was featured in the opening sequence of the video game Donkey Kong 64, released on the Nintendo 64 in 1999. It's a rather memorable number at that, if only for the somewhat cheesy lyrics. As a rap song it's not a particularly good one, which only made this collab more fun to do! I initiated proceedings in BandHub, and I was joined by the following users:

Protis - Keys
boxjarv - Bass
stein10311 - Drums
Studio12 - Percussion
yourmom0814 - Intro & Chorus Vocals
doncortier - Donkey Kong Vocal
SteveTheFool - Tiny Kong, Lanky Kong & Chorus Vocals
Funkadelik - Diddy Kong Vocal
gdibanez - Chunky Kong Vocal

The audio was mixed by myself in FL Studio, with a few enhancements as usual here and there. I started putting the mix together before the previously-mentioned issues with my hard drive, and as such I am grateful to have this one completed now. Original song from Donkey Kong 64, a game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo. Cover by Protis & BandHub musicians.

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