Rihanna - Love On The Brain (Bandhub collab)

Published on 12 Apr 2021 / In Pop

This is a rather soulful number that I also thought was sung by Amy Winehouse, as it sounds very much like a song that she would lend her vocals to. I heard the song a lot at my workplace, just not the version with the expletives in it. Strangely enough, this one has not been played there in the last few years at all. It's always a pleasure to be invited to songs that I already know, as it makes things just that little bit easier for me.

It's got:
Protis - Keys
Moe45673 - Guitar (he organised the collab)
bdajaysus - Drums
Mikimohe - Backing Vocals
Mirva - Lead Vocal
MadBat - Backing Vocal
Bassanhales - Bass

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