The Living End - All Torn Down (Bandhug collab)

Published on 25 Jan 2022 / In Rock

The Living End burst on to the Australian music scene in the late 1990s with the release of their debut album, where this song comes from. At the time I wasn't really a big fan of heavy rock or punk music in general, but this band along with The Offspring helped me get into these genres. It wasn't until the mid-2000s that I started paying more attention to Green Day, but that's another story. Brian (brijamcam) and Frank (thx1138) were initially somewhat reserved when I invited them to play the challenging guitar parts on this collab, but as predicted they absolutely smashed it! Those two have become quite the dynamic duo as far as Bandhug is concerned, and I am overjoyed that I can continue to collaborate with all those people who used to be on Bandhub as well!

It's got:
Protis - Backing Vocals
thx1138 - Lead Guitar
manonamission - Drums
junglejim - Bass
brijamcam - Rhythm Guitar
jzOzman - Lead Vocal

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