The Living End - Prisoner Of Society (Bandhug collab)

Published on 12 Mar 2022 / In Rock

This is the opening track from The Living End's self-titled debut album. I originally enlisted the services of those who performed on my "All Torn Down" collab, but they respectfully declined my invitations. After just one listen to this song, you can totally understand why! It's just so physically demanding for almost everyone involved! Luckily though, the ones who took it on did an absolutely fantastic job! I could not be prouder of what we have managed to achieve all together with this one! Watch for the drummer's facial expression right at the very end, as he points to his head as if to say "what the hell was that?!"

It's got:
Protis - Backing Vocals
junglejim - Bass
Lerosier - Drums
CarolGrand - Lead Vocal
MikeWalker - Electric Guitars

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