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Wake - Hillsong Y&F

Published on 07 Jun 2019 / In Christian / Electronic/Modern/Dance

My first ever BandHub collab from "way back" in fall 2018! It was fun, great job everyone!

Collab Organizer: BBrian

ShazUK: Lead Vocals
BBrian: Drums
LeOnBass: Electric Bass
edradakovitz: Distorted Electric Guitar
NorthernKeys: Piano, synths (lead, pads, etc), clean electric guitar, and backing vocals ("crowd" etc + harmony)

All keys parts (piano, pad, bright pad, lead synth, and wind/sweep sound fx) come from a Yamaha Motif XF8. I use the Korg as a midi controller for it. The electric guitar is a Yamaha Pacifica 112V through an amp simulator on the Motif XF8. Backing vocals use a Shure SM57 dynamic mic, and harmony vocals use an Audio-Technica AT-2035 condenser mic. Mixed and mastered offline in Cubase AI 9.5.

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Adrian 2 years ago

Nice collaboration, well done.

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